“Detective Fiction”

My face is on the back cover
My hands grip tightly as I take the snap
Yesterdays hero’s stare at you
Yesterdays detectives uncovered
Today we write the news
Today we eat computer chips
Someone is pegging us out
Someone is watching the detective

Mitch Hicks – U.K.
All Rights Reserved
© 2010


15 Responses to ““Detective Fiction””

  1. I hope you are pleased me Lord!!! LK:)

  2. “With” you yes………..Sends many thanks indeed!! Love the site!!

  3. I think it’s smashing if I do say so myself!!!! Cheers!! 🙂

  4. littlemarysunshine Says:

    Congrats on you’re new site~


  5. Wonderful! I DO approve. Finally we’re getting him out and into the world!


  6. So many nice comments………Hold on maybe it’s all a dream!!!

  7. Pinch yourself…no, let me! 🙂

  8. Ouchhhhhhhhhh !!!

  9. Adesh Kaur Says:

    Well, you Brits rule! Love the new site. Love your poems. Love your pics. O never mind, I love you.

  10. Don’t tell Lisa but meet me round the back of the bike shed!!!

  11. AAAHHHHHaaaa!!! (she fetches a pitch fork…..) 😦

  12. I had to take yet another look at this one….and of your reflection my Lord, it please me so!!! Comments said so long ago!!

  13. I also like your plaid shirt….very masculine……..sexy 🙂

  14. Thank you!!! Good to see you back for a second helping!!!

  15. I have a hearty appetite…!!

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