Food For Thought…”The Happy Friars”

“Thought of the day…..Do they sell Monk Fish ?”

Mitch Hicks

© 2010


12 Responses to “Food For Thought…”The Happy Friars””

  1. I’ll meet you there after work…we’ll grab a bite! 🙂

  2. Hahaha – good one!

  3. No monkying around!!

  4. A good “Place” to go ape on a bad day when the chips are down!!

  5. Just don’t become a Monk….then there would be no fun to be had!!!!!

  6. Howling with laughter – this is the best!!

  7. You Nicole are the salt of the earth…… A touch saucy and one that can pepper words far more than most…… As for our Lisa she can fish the desert and still find water!!

    You two are like salt and pepper………You make the world taste better!!
    Smiles as I wrap my cod up!!

  8. I second Lisa and wish you a good night…dream upon a star!

  9. Hey…I have an idea, Lordy’s in the U.K., Nicole is in Canada
    I’m squeezing in LA…let’s all get together for a drink….what do you say??
    There’s plenty of parking @The Juice Bar…free valet!

  10. I WOULD LOVE TO…and I look forward to it Lisa.

  11. Count Lordy in!!

  12. O……………………..K

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