“Vale Entwine”

“Tangled entwined unfocused
Hazy hues romance dark shadows
Silent heartbeats with a swirling maze
Crazy moods in silent doorways
Hollow nests and broken eggs
Sleeping pillow my friend in bed”
Mitch Hicks – U.K.

© 2010


9 Responses to ““Vale Entwine””

  1. This is brilliant, the image & poem…bravo Spanks, love it! 🙂

  2. So pleased you enjoyed it Miss Speller !

  3. Tsk…Tsk…that’s a mis spelling of Miss Spellers name young man….you know what that means!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never forget the SSSSSSSSSSS again!!!!!!

  4. I’m trying to be green and saving ink Miss !! Takes the paddle off the wall

  5. Hi Lordy,

    I love ‘tangles’, your poem and the photo.

    Did you notice the word ‘love’ formed by highlights on a diagonal from left to right. Love is in everything!

  6. You do have a magic eye Nicole….. This snap was part of a love heart display in a shop window!! My take on a contempory Val ance day !! Hence “Vale Entwine” Love your comments~~ thanks…

  7. of course I got the reference too my Lord! Remember Ladyhawk-eye!

  8. Kodak made Hawk-Eye camera models early in the 20th Century. From 1927 to 1939 some models were made in the U.K.

    A perfect Valentine’s gift for Ladyhawk………

  9. Wonderful! Thanks for giving him the hint Nicole!! 🙂

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