LordSpanks – U.K.

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30 Responses to ““Hmmmmmm…””

  1. Ahhh Spanks….you’re such a good sport! Are those Ladyhawk feathers I spy??????

  2. Hi Lordy,

    Does someone need a good paddle? Hmmmmmmm…

  3. Your are psychic! Both please – it’s taking too long to get where I’m going.

  4. Hmmmmm up a creek!!……You two are so funny at times…

  5. Spanks you will need a good paddle for where i’m going to send you!!!! Up the river!!!!

  6. Ohhhhhhh downstreamingnortyone.com

  7. Hmmmmm…two paddles: one for our Lady and one for our Dame. This could easily turn into a nursery rhyme.

  8. A Dame and a Lady soundly paddled in equal rank!!!

    Now that’s a good game !!

  9. I think they call that “Doubles”…

  10. Fancy a game ?

  11. Game on!!!! goes to fetch ping pong ball underneath table…

  12. And just what are you two wearing?????

  13. I have the radio on…:)

  14. Great line………..I’m gonna paddle you with much zest and on court in full view of all!!………..Dame Nicole can give me a helping hand!!! We shall teach you to have the radio on!!!

  15. Oh…I forgot, I put on Chanel No. 5 this morning!!!!!

  16. I have taken off my false leg so you two can have a leg up!!

  17. Really? That’s the most you’ve revealed about yourself my Lord…besides your reflection in the glass!!!

  18. My false eyelashes keep my eyes lowered.

  19. Are you kneeling?……Lisa please look away!!

  20. Better idea……..Come kneel down as well…….Paddle time later!!!

  21. Innocent yes………..But not before or after the game!!!

  22. Lets start love all………….I think we will take turns in scoring!!!

  23. The game draws on….Or off for some!!! Are you taking this down?

  24. What??? The post??? If you want me to…whatever you like!

  25. Can you inspect the balls please Miss!!……..So much to get right with this game!!

  26. Put a shine on these please!!! Opppps there is a hole in my pocket!!
    Still, now they are here!!! Spit and polish please!!

  27. We’ll have to do it again – it didn’t rhyme!

    Action – Take 2

  28. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm winks and puts the balls back in my pocket!!

  29. Be gentle please!!

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