“I took this snap at a crematorium as I was attending a funeral, and thought yes, I have captured a moment in time! I guess in life we are like flowers we grow, peek, whither and die!…….. But life goes on and more flowers will bloom!!!!”
Mitch Hicks – U.K.
© 2010

6 Responses to ““Snowdrops””

  1. A lovely sentiment my Lord, I am sorry for your loss, thank you for sharing this beautiful snap.

  2. Lordy,
    You are all heart and this photograph is heart and soul.
    The flowers look like ‘Nuns’ bowing their heads.
    The winter of a life is loose about the trees.

  3. Thanks ladies……….A carpet of Nuns…. Smiles at the thought!!

  4. Pleasant dreams…and don’t forget to say your prayers!

  5. I did say my prayers and when I woke up there was nun next to me!!
    So bad habbbbbbits abound!!!

  6. Looks at the clock…………. And that cane hanging on the wall!!!

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