Enlarged…?……by Lordy




6 Responses to “Enlarged…?……by Lordy”

  1. Funny title on the right!

  2. I just loving snapping book titles…. I must look like the mad hatter as I move books around the shelf before taking the snap!! Rarely do I buy them!……Someone else can have that pleasure! I must post a few more.
    Thanks Nicole for looking on the top shelf!

  3. I love image and text…posters and book covers!!

    It’s fun to read about your process…I look forward to more from Wonderland.

  4. “It’s like living next door to Alice”…..Must get to that tea party!!

  5. When the cat is away the mice come out to play!!!

  6. Now that is an offer to behold!!!! HmmmmmmmmmmXX

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