“Bum’s The Word…”

L. K. Thayer

© 2010


10 Responses to ““Bum’s The Word…””

  1. Well-toned Tails!! Excellent Lisa!

  2. That’s what he gets for going out of town & not minding the store!!!

  3. Just wait ’till he sees what he’s been missing!

  4. Miss Spellers has time on her hands to buy an extra cane!

  5. Oh yes, oh yes! and putting it on Lordy’s charge card!!! Let’s go toy shopping Nicole!!

  6. Woohoooooo!!! Dropping what I’m doing…

  7. Canes, wooden spoons and paddles that’s what you two will be buying and trying!!!!! It’s jeans down night tonight!!!

  8. Down on the town of course!!!

  9. Ankles………………!!! No escaping there!!

  10. Can you feel that swish in the air!!! Six of the very best in fact!!

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