“Another Place”

“I look out on Crosby Beach
They look out as well
My life has movement
Their life has none
Who will stand the test of time
Human or statue
I can turn and walk away
They can’t
The price of fame me tinks”
Sculptures by Antony Gormley
Mitch Hicks – U.K.
© 2010

6 Responses to ““Another Place””

  1. A very powerful, lonely photo. Poetry of sensitivity & depth my Lord…the soft shell.

  2. If a statue could speak volumes, this one would… in body language alone.
    Great words to accompany this piece!!

  3. Thanks Ladyhawk and the Dame……Mumbles about treating them to an ice cream and a donkey ride on the beach!!

  4. The Dame insists on wild horses!!!!!!!

  5. I offer ice cream and a donkey and you two want Don Juan and flammmmming wild horses!!!………..I will give you both the crop across your demanding backsides and you can kiss the ice cream goodbye!
    Stomps off to get the whippy crop!!!!!

  6. Laughing so much I fall over a sleeping donkey sending the ice creams into the path of a pack of wild horses…….Crashing over the deck chairs and sending nude sun seekers running for their lives!!! Trampling over fishing nets and blow up toys!! Fighting breaks out and all hell is let fly…

    I hope you two are happy now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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