“Bates With Yellow Crates”

Mitch Hicks – U. K.

© 2010


5 Responses to ““Bates With Yellow Crates””

  1. Bates a master of his trade !!!!……I took this snap of a milk float in Southport…….Yes some folks still get milk delivered by an early morning milk float in glass bottles!!

    My webmistress came up with this clever title
    “Bates With Yellow Crates”

  2. When I was in Hampstead Heath in my early 20’s, I was fascinated with the glass bottles of milk on front steps with notes for the milkman rolled up in them. I took quite a few snaps of them then, my first glimmer of what was to come finally, now. Funny it started in the U.K. isn’t it?

  3. You had so much bottle then Lisa………And you still have !!
    The day after I took this snap I was visiting the Tate Gallery, Liverpool, and one of the works of art was a slide show showing bottles of milk standing on door steps!! So strange how things link up!!

  4. yes, and now I’m linked up with you on the web & sending you links!!! That’s how the world goes ’round me thinks!

  5. Fancy a milk shake with me?

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