“Ain’t Life Grand?”

Mitch Hicks – U.K.

© 2010


12 Responses to ““Ain’t Life Grand?””

  1. I like the low angle you shot from, also how the carpet crescendos…very nice!
    Hope you like the title Spanks 🙂

  2. Such a good title………..Thanks

  3. Remind me never to sack you!!

  4. Miss Thayer whatever next…….!!

  5. Hmmmmm…(Miss Thayer is racking her brain…rack rhymes with sack…I have a nice rack…umm…something that starts off with jack….hmmmm…Oh I’ve lost track???)

  6. Me knows a word to put after jack……..If that helps Miss Thayer!!

  7. You are getting TOO BIG for your britches young man!!!!!
    Just look at that bulge!!!

  8. Then let me take them off!!!

  9. Make it two……!! Forget that!! Lets share the bottle

  10. Spanks…we could get rug burns from this carpet!!!!!!!!!

  11. Don’t forget the time spent looking down at the carpet as you are being soundly dealt with Miss Thayer…..!!

  12. The hot burning end is up……..Take it from Lordy!!!

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