“Sleeping On The Fifth Floor”

Sleeping On The Fifth Floor

Lordy just had to snap the poor man!!

“During my visit I came across a man falling asleep, this reminded me of how our shopping taste have fallen asleep from days gone by…”

Mitch Hicks – U.K.

© 2010


4 Responses to ““Sleeping On The Fifth Floor””

  1. I just had to take this during my visit to The National Conservation Centre.
    I later spoke to this man who was quite an eccentrict character living in Liverpool. Turns out he used to play the grand piano in The Adelephi Hotel, where I was staying during my stay. He also told me he was an artist…………. Maybe he was or maybe he was pulling my leg.. Who knows!!

  2. I bet you would!!! wickedwebmistresstakingnmeinhand.com

  3. Lordy you rate A++ from the Dame on this shot.
    Love that it connotes there are times when art is boring and can put us to sleep! Not this shot though! Can I have a copy for me??

  4. One never says no to a Dame!!!
    Loved your comments, thanks

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