Jeff Aerosol…..Leake Street

Jeff Aerosol.....Leake Street

Snapped by Lordy.....Another gem lost


9 Responses to “Jeff Aerosol…..Leake Street”

  1. So great, so sad…

  2. Keep an eye for this guy!!

  3. I shall
    a Ladyhawk-eye…
    I love the empty can
    on the rail
    it never fails
    makes me think of one
    of my fave shots
    with all the empty cans
    I CAN never have
    my FILL of that
    said the norty BRAT!

  4. I can see you now doing the can can in fishnet stockings!!

  5. Oh yes I Cannes !!

  6. Taking up my seat in the front row..!!!

  7. Let’s talk about your seat young man
    you shall be sitting in the rearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….

  8. The price of pants……..I believe they are cummmmmming down!!!

  9. cummmmmmmmmmmmming down….
    getting….. oooooffffffffffffffffff!!!!

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