The Ghost Of Camden

the ghost of Camden lurking

while all the gentle folk are working

stiffs past and present meet and greet

a fate they’d never want to repeat

the silent whispers in the crowd

as the ghost lingers stealing proud

amongst the dilly and the dally

scandalized thoughts take their tally

scaring those who dare to ponder

when and where they’ll be heading

up yonder

L. K. Thayer

Snap by Mitch Hicks

© 2010


13 Responses to “The Ghost Of Camden”

  1. Dreamy Snap! Scary good one! 🙂

  2. Scary poem!! Nice one Lisa

  3. Thanks Spanks, enjoy the curry!!

  4. Thanks…….Been quite a spicy day all in all…

  5. add a little garlick?????

  6. Norty norty norty!!!! Mouth watering!!

  7. You are my norty Vampire and I am the damsel in distress
    only distressed if you don’t cum to see me late at night…
    won’t you stay for a bite???

  8. A quick bite then!!! Is that a bloody mary you are drinking?

  9. LAUGHING!!!! 😛 Boy I could use one today!!
    Meet me after work at the Frolick Room!!

  10. Checks for exploding volcano before booking flight

  11. You are describing what’s erupting between my legs, how did you know??

  12. Quite a flow !!!!! hmmmmmm

  13. Go with the flow…………………….book the flight!!

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