Waiting to be worn again!

Snapped by Spanks


8 Responses to “Waiting to be worn again!”

  1. I’ll get dressed…

  2. Great title!!!!!

    and then will you un-dress me???

    Give me a dressing down???

    (the word ‘down’ always gets such a bad rap….
    in our world…it’s a very good thing!!)

    as in – pull down, take down, going down on…….and on…………..


  3. Such a sexy comment Lisa.
    “Get down on it”……………………….. Our word of the day “Down”
    Love the way you said “our world”


  4. Love OUR WORLD. 🙂

    down the hatch!!!

    rhymes with
    (did I say that???)

  5. That rhymes with hat!!

  6. which rhymes with cat
    which leads me
    to my
    tit for tat
    how about

  7. Love the look of your pussy waiting on that mat !!!

  8. Hmmmm…
    that makes me want to
    give you
    a few hard

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