That Urban Look

“We express our thoughts with urban lines drawn onto our face..”

Quote & snap by Mitch Hicks

© 2010


5 Responses to “That Urban Look”

  1. Mitch your black & white snaps are AMAZING!!! You must continue this more often….so striking, I’m so impressed!! Clear & crisp, very powerful! XXXXXX
    claping & smiling, love the quote that ties into the sign in back….Bravo 🙂

  2. Thanks Lisa….. I will try !! Thank you XX

  3. alexis Rhone Fancher Says:

    Love the photo. Love the words. Such truth! Our faces do reflect the urban landscape around us. You’re a true talent, Mitch! Bravo!

  4. Chiming in with Alexis, we are your cheerleading squad!! XX 🙂

  5. Me tinks you two are the best cheerleaders in town!!!!
    Love your pom poms!!

    I’m a big fan of yours as well Alexis !! Thanks for your kind comments!

    Thoughts now turn back to cheerleaders!!

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