Snapped by Lordy


18 Responses to ““screwdriver””

  1. Oh, I’ll have a vodka & orange juice…make it a double!

  2. I’m holding the ladder and she is not wearing any knickers!!….

  3. A site for sore eyessssssssssss………..and that’s not all!!!!!!

  4. But I’m trying to think of you screwing away!!!

  5. This is a screwBALL comedy!!!!

  6. Roll up roll up……….The show must go on!!!

  7. Hey……How about a roll in the hay!!!!

  8. I’ve got a better idea for lunch…………!!!!!!!!!!!! Zipppppppssss

  9. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

    what a tasty appetizer to a delicious meal my Lord!!!


  10. Slippingyoualargeonebeforelunchtime.com…….. Me tinks the milk might be boiling over soon.!!!!

  11. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm….
    a cup of hot milk before beddies produces
    sweetdreams.com 🙂

  12. Don’t forget the hobnuts!!!

  13. Never heard of them
    butt you have a lot to
    teach me my Lord!!!

    They sound like a tasty treat!!!

  14. Hmmmmmm yes you would enjoy a good nibble on a hobnut!!
    Can be dunked as well……….If you like dunking?

  15. Yes!! I do!
    I wood like to dunk you
    many times a day!!!

  16. Hmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmm Hmmmmmmm !!

  17. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! Funny how we got from screwdriver to dunking……..!!!

  18. dipping, dunking, sipping, slurping, swallowing
    plunging, penetrating, gyrating………appreciating
    masterbating…..OOOoops!! Did I say that?

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