Spank’s Swanky Pad

Snapped by Spanks


37 Responses to “Spank’s Swanky Pad”

  1. Hmmmmm…let’s go upstairs!!

  2. Lead me !!!! Hmmmmmmmmm

  3. By your cock my Lord!!!!!
    (Ooopssss did I say that?????????)

  4. Loved it!!!!!!!! falling over my lowered pants!!!!!

  5. lowered pants
    lowered lids
    who will cum first
    let’s start some

  6. I’m holding up my paddle!!



  9. mmmmmmmmmmmmm….

  10. What would the queen of tarts say?


  12. pleasedon’

  13. icouldn’






  17. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm….


  19. you make me laugh Spanks!!!!!
    and i’m blushing in my cheeks!!

  20. That makes me happy seeing you laugh

  21. You make me laugh & tingle & damp…..:)

  22. Think of me as a multi tool !!! More than a bag of spanners

  23. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! I do, I do!!!
    What are spanners???

  24. I thought you new everything???

  25. I know nothing!!! You have a big job Spanks!!!
    Lots of homework ASSignments!!
    What are spanners?

  26. Think screwing!!!! Think nuts and bolts!! And yes a lot more homework for you!!!

  27. Shall I meet you after class?

  28. Indeed!!!

  29. Will you carry my books for me?

  30. Of course….Are they norty ones!!

  31. Yes, and you have to read them to me and teach me what they mean…

  32. Teachers pet !!!

  33. I would like to pet the teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Smiles…………….

  35. Stroking, strokinggggggggggggggggg…………….

  36. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice hmmmmmmmmm nice
    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm OhhhhhhhhhhhHmmmmmmm

  37. Let’s play hide the sausage!!!

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