The Pink Chair

Snapped by Spanks

12 Responses to “The Pink Chair”

  1. Just before beddies………..?

  2. I was just thinking what a nice composition this was. That’s all!!!!!

  3. Takes the towel away!!

  4. My……how you’ve grown!!!!!!!

  5. One always wants to add a couple of inches

  6. it’s not size of the waves
    it’s the motion
    of the ocean………………….

  7. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and now lets see this brush talking!!!

  8. Haha!! Licking, licking etc!!!!!!
    Your brush probably has a cell phone!!!!!!!

  9. You need turning pink to red young lady!!

  10. Yes bare yikes and more yikes!!!

  11. Haha! I’m running into the other rooooooommmmmmmmmmm!!!

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