“a love poem” (out of No. 15 Pince)

Snap by Mitch Hicks

Just a sheet of glass
Two worlds side by side
Fingers touching so close yet apart
Once this house had life and the lamp lit bright
Now cobwebs weep and plaster crumbles
I came from the outside to pay my respect
From room to room decay engulfs my lungs
Leaving I ponder how fate drew me here
a stillness within

the darkness blankets me

the light of the window

gives me hope


this poem will find you

on the other side

of the glass



L. K. Thayer

Mitch Hicks

Ā© 2010


11 Responses to ““a love poem” (out of No. 15 Pince)”

  1. Is this a re-write of your previous post? Recall the image and the poem..oh no please don’t tell me “it’s deja vu all over again” šŸ˜‰

    • Charles, I spliced Lordy’s comment to my poem together…
      I didn’t want his poetic words to be covered up!
      I think it works in an off beat way…like cut glass!

  2. alexis Rhone Fancher Says:

    A love-song to and from the both of you. Lovely!

  3. Thank you all my dear friends!!!!

    We may have just written a Thayer/Hicks song….. Love to see it set to music…

  4. Well tunnnnnnnnnnnnnnned me tinks!! XX

  5. You ring my chimes!!

  6. And you are the belle of the ball !!

  7. did you say ball?

  8. Are you playing?

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