Banana Beer & Rhubarb!

Snapped & Guzzled by Spanks

© 2010


7 Responses to “Banana Beer & Rhubarb!”

  1. I like that banana peel on the bottle..yummy!
    Rhubarb reminds me of my childhood too!!!
    My grandmother would make rhubard everything!!!

  2. Hmmmmmm….. Love a good crumble

  3. and muffins……………Hmmmmmmmmmm….
    let’s talk about your banana & my muffin…

  4. We could be at it all night with your muffin!!! Hhmmmmm

  5. This is true cupcake!! XXX

  6. Oh crumbs!!!

  7. I’ll give you more than crumbs it will be a seven layer cake!!
    With a cherry on top!!

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