Snapped by Spanks


22 Responses to ““Poppies!””

  1. Love your poppies my Lord!

  2. Thanks Lisa

  3. Good morning/evening darling! Where is my favorite norty boy???

  4. Standing by your lap !!!

  5. Hmmmmm….i wish I was your laptop!!!

  6. My hand would be pressing all your buttons

  7. Oh, and what about the button hole?

  8. That’s where you come in flower

  9. don’t you mean where you cum in?
    my norty petal pusher!!

  10. Think of me as a rose………But now limping slightly!!

  11. Hahaha! Well…I’ll straighten you out in no time!!!
    Roses like moist surroundings!

  12. It’s pecking up hearing that!!

  13. iloveyourpecker.com

  14. ladyhawkmeetswoodywoopecker.com

  15. AHHHHHHHhhaaahhhaaahhhaaa!!!


  16. thenpeckshergoodnight.com

  17. did you say hen pecked?

  18. henmeetscock.com

  19. thatisverynortyhowcouldyouthinkofsuchathing.com

  20. wellblowmedownwithafeather.com

  21. you make me laugggghhhh!! 😛

  22. And you dust me down so good!!! Love you laughing~~~

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