The big Question…….?

The big Question.......?

Snapped by Mitch Hicks....Leake Street, London


19 Responses to “The big Question…….?”

  1. Confused but this will egg you on!!!

  2. I snapped over this snap! Great catch!


    My brain is a bit scrambled,
    but I’d like to offer myself sunny side up…:)

  3. ………….and laid


  5. I just know how much your enjoy a hard boild one!!!
    Cuummmmmmmmming up!!

  6. A cock in hand is worth two in the bush!!!!

  7. Glove to hear it darling!!

  8. Love to ambush you on the way home

  9. Just don’t tear off the wig and tell me your name is George !!!!!

  10. Well that’s frank!!!


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