Red Fire Extinguisher……!!

Red Fire Extinguisher......!!

Snapped in Soho, London~~~by Mitch Hicks


7 Responses to “Red Fire Extinguisher……!!”

  1. WHAT THE!!!!! What in the world is going on here???!!! She hasn’t any knickers on and is flashing you my Lord! Did you put her up to this??!!! It’s brilliant!!

    • added bonus points for soooo much redness going on!! You scored with this one Spanks!!
      I’m BEHIND….I must catch UP with yoooooouuuu!!! I lick it a lot….I mean…..I like it a lot!

  2. If I had a better zoom I could have seen the expiry date on the extinguisher……

  3. I never get past the crossword!!……..So much I miss out in life!!

    Nice shoes I see !!!

  4. Is that one across the lap…..? Hmmmmmmmm

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