Near The Knuckle

Near The Knickle

Snapped by Mitch hicks


17 Responses to “Near The Knuckle”

  1. WOOOOWWWW I see someone is loving this tooooo!!! Besides meeeee!!
    So glad you’ve gotten in the groooooove Mitch! GB spankings all around!!

  2. Bring them on!!!

  3. such a wonderful thought!!

  4. I must underline that!!

    Did I say under?

    • no, you didn’t…I think the beast said that as he has been mum lately….speechless.
      I think he is getting wordy again, thankfully I will HAVE SOMEONE TO TALK TOOOOOO!!!

  5. Forget the talking keep sucking!!

  6. Zipppppppppppppppppppppppppppppssssss
    That should keep her silent!!



  9. Oh you do, you do time and time over!!!

    Did I say over ?

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