Drayton Parslow…..2nd

Drayton Parslow...2nd

Snapped at the Village Fete by Mitch Hicks


22 Responses to “Drayton Parslow…..2nd”

  1. Vivacious veggies!!! Splendid Spanks!! This snap gets 1st Place!!

    Here let me pin the medal on you……………..

  2. You do make me smile Lisa………

  3. Need you ask!!

  4. Can you handle that before bedtime?

  5. Did you say meet me in the potting shed?

  6. We can tidy up the garden canes

  7. Take it all of it………………

  8. That’s the thought of day!! hmmmmmmm

  9. I do I do

  10. Is there a bush fire raging in your parts?

  11. Can you help with the pumping please?

  12. Grippppppppppppppppppppppppping Hmmmmmm

  13. Lovely thoughts

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