Turning The Tables On The Artist

Turning The Tables On The Artist

Helen Saunders...Unaware she is on canvas..Snapped by Mitch Hicks


27 Responses to “Turning The Tables On The Artist”

  1. peepingtom’sgetspanked.com

  2. I hope so!!!

  3. Whippy and fresh…………..Hmmmmmm

  4. and lick all the cream……….Nods!!!

  5. icanfeelyourthighskeepingmeinplace.com

  6. mylipsyourlipsapressingthought.com

    • pressed like a leaf between my pages
      your hard bound book against my
      soft cover…
      licking your fingers
      thumbing through
      reading me
      up and down…
      chapter after chapter
      let’s hope
      the ending is
      a juicy one…xxx

  7. And may the printing press never run dry!!! XX

  8. In volumes………..

  9. Would you like to see my bookmark?

  10. Mark my word young lady… Leather bound!!

  11. You are in for a hiding my lass!!

  12. It must be a rare day you are wearing them…….So lets get them down at once Ms Thayer

  13. It’s such a treat taking them down half mast…….Stops you runnnning away XX

  14. Runnnnnnnnnnnnning…………My cup over flowiffffffffffffffffffffffff
    (new word)

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