Arty farty creation by..... Mitch Hicks

invisible to touch invisible to see

travelling in an invisible world

invisible inter action

invisible life



9 Responses to “Invisible”

  1. (I was trying to leave an invisible comment
    but I didn’t have any invisible ink!)
    How do you do those smartypants things??
    I must spankit out of you!!

  2. I did see it and sent an invisable one back!! As for smartypants most of it is trial and error…

  3. And a lot more while I’m down there!!

  4. Did you say spill to the thrill?

    • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..spill at will
      you’ve had
      your fill
      or my fill
      as it were
      tis my pleasure
      to empty your sack
      my Lord…………………………………………..:)

  5. My poetic lady thrilla
    For tea I shall grilla

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