Hanslope Walk

Hanslope Walk

Collage made with snaps taken on the walk by Mitch Hicks

follow footpath winding river bed

swans grace cows beware you tread

ridge and furrow starlings scatter

hedgerow berries hikers natter

castle mounds hidden corps lay

over stiles pass fields once of hay

thoughts turn to supping beer

hanslope spire signals us so near

thru water meadow towpath we head back

old wolverton sits at the end of our track


18 Responses to “Hanslope Walk”

  1. Brilliant darling! I love your words & your art!!
    Never abandon them…

  2. With you around Lisa….I shall keep going!!

    Thanks X

  3. Step by step……..Step by step
    Take a walk on the wild side

  4. Heading over the tracks of my tears

  5. Yes and getting wider with every stride

  6. What a stroke of luck!!!

  7. Just keep stroking…… I bloody well don’t care

  8. Banking on that!!! Such a load offffffff my mind!!

  9. I will bare that in mind the next time I’m thinking of putting it in, or taking it out!

  10. On account of you switching my card at your branch I’m in debt to you madam !!

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