“UPward cLimmmmmmmmmmmb”

Snapped by Spanks © 2010


19 Responses to ““UPward cLimmmmmmmmmmmb””

  1. Oh goodie!! I just love stair snaps & this is a dandy!!!
    It looks like a long hard climb!!

  2. And of course there is the coming down!!!!!!!

  3. Don’t get a ladder in your stockings madam!!

  4. Do you want me to elevate you?

  5. Very moving!!!!

  6. Going down madam!!!

  7. One must know ones place…….Be it top or bottom!!!

  8. And spanked thru to midday….Stairs at you!!!

  9. Foot lose and fancy free………..Up the ladder I chase thee

  10. A basement cellar………With you shagging this fellow

  11. I love shag carpets…all those rug burns……………………..XXX

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