“burning fruit, man on top, aching sun”


Burning fruit, man on top, aching sun
Dark aroma of  bittersweet, crash of sea and stars
What magic do you hold inside your timber?
What amorous light surrounds me with your glance?
Oh, infatuation is a tunnel of twists and turns
Through smothering vapors, cutting switches for foreplay
Love is a mischievous temptress
And two bodies on fire with a sulfur spark
Kissing and licking I devour your beast
Your stanzas, your sea foam, your effervescence
And pulsating poetry, throbbing with wit and flair
Caressing my thighs, warming my fire place
You harden at the sight of my name
We ponder on, into infinity

(For Spanks)

By Ladyhawk

© 2010


3 Responses to ““burning fruit, man on top, aching sun””

  1. Thank you for such a wonderful picture and words of grace
    Big smiles all over my face……..XX

    Such passion in your word and thought

    Poetic mistress for much she taught

    Salty sea between lust

    Creaking timber orange rust

    Kind thoughtful calming hands

    I love the way she understands

  2. And
    Titanic slips below waves played on by the band

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