Cloth Collection & Recollection…….Art from Sally Hutson

Cloth Collection & Recollection.......Art from Sally Hutson

Snap with poem by Mitch Hicks

A life now unravelling

Thread bare

Silent knitting needles

Words trying to mend

Recollection fading

Worn away


Some measure of consolation


5 Responses to “Cloth Collection & Recollection…….Art from Sally Hutson”


    as I sit knitting my brow…

  2. Thank you for choosing my textile art work to illustrate the lovely poem. The work is part of a solo exhibiton of personal reflection using cloth in its many guises. The knitted piece pictured uses a handwritten battle field letter from 1944 telling my mother that her (first) husband had just been killed. At the time she was just finishng the sleeve of a very complicated fair isle jumper that she has spent many months creating. Upon reading the letter she got up from her chair and placed all of the knitting into the fire ! It was her personal pain. The words of the poem fit very well – thank you.
    Please visit my blog to see more of my art work. Thank you

  3. Thank you Sally… I was moved when reading the battle field letter at your exhibition at the UCMK Gallery. I have also seen your work at your “Edges Of The World Exhibition” Stantonbury… An underatated art form that you are very good at.

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