Boating in MK….Snap by Mitch Hicks

Boating in MK


44 Responses to “Boating in MK….Snap by Mitch Hicks”

  1. Spanks…when are you coming down?? I’m waiting
    with open………arms.

  2. Forget the arms………..What about the legs!!!!

  3. I guess you have sea legs and all hands on deck!!

  4. Oh my goDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!………..Guess what I’ve just caught in your Zip??????

  5. Is that your stern side I see?…….

  6. Peeks at your port hole

  7. That’s a cross between peeping and poking

  8. You do put the wind in my sails

  9. Would you like to raise my jolly roger ??

  10. Hold!!!!………….I will see you down below in the hold!!

  11. Love the way you use a sexton

  12. You hold it close to your face!!!

  13. Me tinks you are heading the right way

  14. Mast have fallen over board ~~~~Splash~~~~

  15. Back or breast stroke!!

  16. In my cabin please!!

  17. Shows you my bunk……….Would you like to go on top?

  18. Zippppppppppppppppsssssssssss

  19. Full steam ahead!!!!!

  20. I’m commmmmmmmmmmming to that!!!!

  21. Now scrubbbbbbbbbing down !!!!!

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