The New Art Gallery

The New Art Gallery

A Lordy mix from Artists:
Alison Papachristophorou,
Maria Perez and Tina Ashton..
Resident artists from The New Art Gallery, Fenny Stratford.

“There is much I see in this world as I glide thru the air
Destruction broken dreams shattered lives so unfair
Yet life can turn around bringing hope and light
Touching stars stealing sparkles with all your might ”

Snap and Poem Mitch Hicks 2010


11 Responses to “The New Art Gallery”

  1. Oh honey I love this!!! XXXXX 🙂

  2. Love playing with art…….. Thanks Lisa……..X

  3. You………………………………!!!!!!!!!


  5. My pleasure seeing you laugh!!

  6. You took the words from my lips……

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