Last Years Shadow… Snap & Poem by Mitch Hicks

Last Years Shadow... Snap & Poem  by Mitch Hicks

Last years shadow
Where do they go
Shadows and years
Tell me
Do they age
Will my shadow live on
I hope so
Years are like bad dreams
They haunt you
More than you think
My shadow looked on as I was being exhumed
For the first time I saw my death face
Yes it was a dream
Seeing my demise looking grey but at peace
Years are like death they happen and don’t return
Make friends of your shadow
Dance with the year
Embrace both showing not an ounce of fear


6 Responses to “Last Years Shadow… Snap & Poem by Mitch Hicks”

  1. Alexis Rhone Fancher Says:

    “Make friends of your shadow, Dance with the year, Embrace both showing not an ounce of fear…” By far the best and most poetic advice I’ve received all year. And you! A Rhyming Poet! Fab!

  2. Oh Mitch, you must send me this so I can share it with the Juice Bar!!!
    I love this snap so, I love your shadow, I only wish I could get close to it…

  3. Hello Mitch. I love your name because my kissin’ cousin had your name[ Lisa’s little brother]. Your writing touched me in a spot I thought was buried. I went to hug my shadow this morning and my coffe cup in hand went SHHHPLIIIINGG!!!!! all over my kitchen and my cat. It began a good chuckle that has lasted all day. Thank you for your thoughts and for putting them into words.
    I wonder like you.

  4. Hello Kari
    What a lovely note!!……..Thank you so much for taking time to read and write on this blog and for your wonderful poem you wrote at ‘The Juice Bar’

    Sometimes when life is feeling tough we only have our thoughts to share with our shadow. It’s not always easy trying to love who we are.
    But one thing is for sure and that’s there are folks out there who read and understand the thoughts and feelings of others and by writing in any form opens doors….. Not sure your cat will feel the same walking around covered in coffe thou!! You have so much to share in your ink well… Smile at your shadow as you dip your quill…..

    Your much loved cousin Lisa will help steady your hand… We all get a bit shakkkkkey from time to time Kari…. I’m so pleased you chuckled all day………Smile and your shadow will smile back!!

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