USE YOUR LOAF….Snap by Mitch Hicks

USE YOUR LOAF....Snap ny Mitch Hicks
My collage of our bread sculptures we made at Inter-Action MK.
Aaron Head… Our artist taking the course is unaware I caught him taking snaps of our work!!!


16 Responses to “USE YOUR LOAF….Snap by Mitch Hicks”

  1. I love it…Just loafing around!!!! 🙂

  2. I love the way you butter me up with your great comments darling!

  3. wouldyoulikecreamwiththat?.com

  4. And just what kind of spread?…….Hmmmmmmm

  5. With knobs of butter of course!!! We don’t want it too dry

  6. Shall we do some dunking with our tea?

  7. Oh……..One is far too sweet to have sugar… Is that an ice finger bun melting in your hands. Looks very sticky!!!

    • Did you say you want your finger in my bun and you are listening to “sticky fingers” by the Stones??
      Sent on the Now Network™ from my Sprint® BlackBerry

  8. It’s a bad line……….Did you say you wanted brown sugar and lets get stoned with rum?

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