David Hunt & Dayne Britten ~ 2faced

David Hunt & Dayne Britten ~ 2faced
A blend of art from artist David Hunt and Dayne Britten. Two snaps of their work blended together by Mitch Hicks into 2faced….


16 Responses to “David Hunt & Dayne Britten ~ 2faced”

  1. Lovely Blend darling!

  2. BTW I have more than two faces….David Hunt
    Oh… and dont forget my royalties if you sell this work 🙂

  3. Thanks for passing by David!…..I kinda think art should be free..
    Never sold a snap to date!!! Hoping to blend more of your art.
    Thanks again for your kind comments

  4. An image not seen is worth less than an image not created!!
    But I do respect your views David….Thanks again for your comments….

    • I find your comment that; an image not seen is worth less than an image not created, is perhaps a little more cryptic than the idea that; the thought not created can never be seen, except by the thinker, but an image created from a thought is worth more than just a thought…

  5. Thoughts are like radio waves, they both need transmitters and receivers.

    ……..And they come in many forms

  6. I suppose you could be right that art is free, because indeed we are all privy to the pool of collective concious. However in the material world, an artists creation is his own. You might say that an artist is a person who latches on to artistically concious thought and brings it into the physical realm. As for transmitters and receivers I cant fully concur….

  7. Maybe it’s all in the tuning?

  8. You’re welcome to use what ever it is you like 🙂

    i never create art for money i create because its like breathing to me. if i generate money from art. aye its a bonus.

  9. Thank you so much for finding this Dayne!!! “Your Quote is Quote of the year in my book”… I have seen more of your art and really like what you do!!! And thank you again for taking the time to comment……….Cheers!

  10. Mitch are you on Facebook?. you can find more of my work on my Artist profile! 🙂 feel free to chuck me an add

  11. Thanks Dayne… Would love to see more of your work!
    I’m not on facebook sorry to say!

    • noworries. feel free to check my work out here for now. will have an online store soon. all details will be on this page. facebook.com/StarkRavingGenius

  12. https://www.facebook.com/StarkRavingGenius

    Just had a peep…. Such talent you have Dayne. Your future looks to be mapping out in the artyfarty world…..Keep it raw very raw!!! I
    Many thanks for checking in….. Cheers

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