Friday The 13th

Friday The 13th
Snapped by Mitch Hicks
Artwork from the song “Friday The 13th” by J4S0N

Friday 13th April, 7-11pm
The Buszy, 401 Elder Gate, CMK, MK9 1LR

The launch night of the new Blank Canvas exhibition at the Buszy, MK. First look showing of the month long exhibition, this time the focus is graffiti and illustration. DJ’s will be spinning the decks & the bar will be flowing.

More info on Blank Canvas/The Buszy go to


3 Responses to “Friday The 13th”

  1. Hi there check out the reason why that graf was done spanks …… click the link to see the youtube video

  2. Thanks Cleo….. That’s quite a spooookie video!!
    A midnight rap in MK…… So pleased you posted this..

    Loved the song ” I dont Know”

    Also enjoyed the interview seen on youtube on “Friday The 23th”

    Cheers………Keep on truckin’

  3. Thanks for the support xx

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