Pete’s Cafe



Pete’s Cafe..If you were passing by would you go in..? No I did not think you would. Maybe the metal security grill put you off. Or was it the abandoned kitchen sink next door? So what did I do? Well I was dying to go to the loo, hungry and needed a cup of tea.Too early for a beer in a pub so yes I went in. Deep down I new this type of cafe was what we in England call a greasy spoon cafe that is no longer the norm in our changing towns and cities. I’m not one for a fry up as a rule, but thought lets try the bacon, egg and chips and wash it down with a mug of tea.
I remember sitting down in a plastic chair looking at all the stuff on the walls and thinking I’m glad I paid a visit as this cafe will be long gone in a year or two at best. As for the food it was not great. There was no loo on site to use. Would I recommend this place? Not as a cafe in my top ten that’s for sure, but maybe as a place that if you had walked past you might have thought you would have loved to have been brave enough to have gone in. As for Pete……. Well make your own mind up on what he was thinking!!!

My thoughts and snaps taken in Battersea by Mitch Hicks


2 Responses to “Pete’s Cafe”

  1. alexisrhonefancher Says:

    We, too, call it a “greasy spoon.” Nice pics. Nice writing. As always. xoxo, Alexis

  2. I can’t see you in many of those Alexis!!!! But we both know they make great snapppppping opppps. Thanks for sharing the greasy spoon table with me…. ~x~

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