Guilty pleasures on the streets of Spitalfields




I’m having pleasure with my secondhand retro looking camera a Fuji X20. I’m a bit slow on the uptake with all the settings but hope in time to master some of them… So off I went on Saturday to London to snap away! My main task was to vistit the Shok-1 exhibition at “Pictures On Walls”, 46-48 Commercial Street. It’s only on untill the 19th December so had to get along to see such amazzzzing X-Ray style art from the street artist Shok-1.

Just before I got there I climbed up onto the roof of a building in the graveyard next to Christ Church, Spitalfields to snap what was left of “Guilty Pleasures” painted by D*Face a couple of weeks ago.

Quite a story getting home as all the trains leaving Euston had been cancelled due to somebody being hit by a train.

Snaps by Mitch Hicks


8 Responses to “Guilty pleasures on the streets of Spitalfields”

  1. Thank Alexis….. My pleasure!

  2. That was a cool video

    • I agree on that Stuart… Shame that most of what D*face did on the wall has now been defaced!! Looks like you had lots of fun on that roof in Hackney Wick.. Cheers

      • Yeah the roof was cool. The D*Face seems to have been the victim of a bit of a graffiti war, I think it’s all pretty sad, the D*Face piece was pretty cool after all

  3. Maybe it was toooo good!

  4. Without you my darling I would not be here and I will always treasure your kindness and much more!! ~x~

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