Mario’s Cafe




Video by Roland Denning

It was one of those days when I had mapped out soooo much to do and once again in London it was the unexpected finds by chance that just makes my day!!! In fact there were a few things that will stick in my mind but the one I’m sharing with you here is Mario’s Cafe in Kentish Town. Why?…. Well life revolves around people and just seeing faces can tell it’s own story. I say no more…. but you will form your own I’m sure…
Mario’s cafe can be found at 6 Kelly Street, Kentish Town.

Ramble and snaps by Mitch Hicks 13/12/13


4 Responses to “Mario’s Cafe”

  1. Isn’t that the Mario’s Cafe immortalised on the classic Saint Etienne record “So Tough”?

  2. Hello Dave… I’m not sure but it is soooo good if it links!
    Mario is is a real nice guy and I’m sure he would love to feature some of your photos in his cafe..Do pop along!
    Many thanks for your comments Dave.

  3. Love it darling Mitch!

  4. Fancy a cup of tea my darling?

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