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Ben Slow paints for the homeless

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I saw this wonderful art from Ben Slow as I left the Graffiti Gallery in Cheshire Street, just off Brick Lane.
Very moving image with words of sadness.. More info on this and Ben’s work here on

Snap by Mitch Hicks


Jeff Aerosol & C215 in London

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These are just the tip of a mix of snaps I took at some stuuuunnnning artwork by two french guys who are top of their game in street art now seen all over the world on the streets and in galleries. Both have current exhibition in London.
I was lucky being in London on the same day C215 gave a book signing at the Stolen Space Gallery. It was good to shake his hand and come away with a signed copy to me from Christian Guemy (C215). As for Jeff Aerosol you need to go to west London at the French Gallery in Gloucster Road.. I will feature more from these two in another post!

Snaps taken by Mitch Hicks

The Bestiary by Phlegm

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Snaps by Mitch Hicks

This not to be missed exhibition by Phlegm is now extended to 20th March at The Howard Griffin Gallery, 189 shoreditch High Street, London… None of the work is for sale and is due to be destroyed after the exhibition!!!!! Can you believe that?

Requiem: The Soldier ~ by Humbert Wolfe

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“I came across this poem open outside a bookshop off Cuba Street in Wellington on the 5th January 2013. I snapped it with the background reflections not knowing that I would come back to it and add the flooding fields of Passenham during our wettest english winter ever!!! I know the soldiers gave their lives in far worse than this. But as I sit at home dry and warm I give time to remember the brave in days gone by and tomorrow more souls will fall just like raindrops”

Poem by Humbert Wolfe ~ Snaps with comment by Mitch Hicks

Gollum in Wellington Airport

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Not quite what you might see in an airport! Just had to snap him..