Femmes in galleries





“This week leading up to International Women’s Day on March 8th I will be posting Women related stuff.
Feel free to add to the growing poem! Snaps from my day at viewing artwork I saw from Jeff Aerosol and C215….
….Cheers to the ladies”….. Mitch

Jeff Areosol with ladies that shop and lunch
Bottles being washed for the book signing
Sad women happy femmes we love them all
A man of numbers C215 sprays and stencil paints
Stolen space a french gallery
Windows reflecting art in a passing word


3 Responses to “Femmes in galleries”

  1. What about Femme Fatales???

  2. alexisrhonefancher Says:

    LOVE your work, Spanks! Love you! Nice that you’re covering Women’s Week. Bravo! xoxo, Alexis

  3. There

    Your comments mean so much and even more so today as I have walked away from the grinding wheel… A couple of hours ago they had had my soul for 8 hours a day.. Today I took it back and rode home on my old bike… First time I left the car at home all winter…. Love you ladies… Ride on!!!! ~x~

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