“Over It” by Alexis Rhone Fancher

    Please listen to the audio above from Alexis before reading the below poem… The loss of her own son is very moving indeed.

    “Over It” by Alexis Rhone Fancher


    Now the splinter-sized dagger that jabs at my heart has
    lodged itself in my aorta, I can’t worry it
    anymore. I liked the pain, the
    dig of remembering, the way, if I
    moved the dagger just so, I could
    see his face, jiggle the hilt and hear his voice
    clearly, a kind of music played on my bones
    and memory, complete with the hip-hop beat
    of his defunct heart. Now what am I
    supposed to do? I am dis-
    inclined toward rehab. Prefer the steady
    jab jab jab that reminds me I’m still
    living. Two weeks after he died,
    a friend asked if I was “over it.”
    As if my son’s death was something to get
    through, like the flu. Now it’s past
    the five-year slot. Maybe I’m okay that he isn’t anymore,
    maybe not. These days,
    I am an open wound. Cry easily.
    Need an arm to lean on. You know what I want?
    I want to ask my friend how her only daughter
    is doing. And for one moment, I want her to tell me she’s
    dead so I can ask my friend if she’s over it yet.
    I really want to know.

    From Rattle #41, Fall 2013
    Tribute to Single Parent Poets

    Alexis Rhone Fancher: “‘My mom and I divorced my dad,’ I overheard my four-year-old say. It knocked the wind right out of me. I got it, that it was the two of us against the world, a single mom and an only child. For a long time, we were thriving, invincible. And then, we weren’t. Joshua Dorian Rhone was diagnosed with epitheliod sarcoma, a rare type, in 2004, and died in 2007. He was 26 years old. ‘Over It’ is one of a series of poems written in his memory, attempting to make something positive from my grief.”

    Alexis is open to your emails if you wish to contact her. hotnovelist@me.com


3 Responses to ““Over It” by Alexis Rhone Fancher”

  1. Many thanks Alexis for sharing this… I just had to send my thoughts to you today… Sorry about the tears..

    • Mitch, I’m so glad you posted Alexis’ powerful work, she is a stunning poet/photographer & friend…whose work indeed needs to be seen and heard. Alexis, thank you for your inspired poetry that always touches my heart & soul to my very core. Love you.

  2. Thanks Lisa.. It was a shock to hear the sad loss of her son in her email yesterday about her poem being published in audio on rattle.com. You both have the gift of vision and the balls to write and shoot from the gutter to the penthouse and every floor between.. Much love to you both ~x~

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