What We Leave Behind


What We Leave Behind ~ Poem by L.K. Thayer  ~ 2010  

traces and
of life lived
pieces of ourselves
unfinished business

our DNA
our patterns
our footprints
echo’s of
vibrant auras burning

crumbs of bread left on a table
notes of love in love notes
laughing images of
frolic and frailty

trails of memories
and forget-me-not bouquets
hope in our hope chests
neatly folded 

tucked away
to be handed down

and will someday land
in another’s hands
to leave fingerprints
upon and on and on

I love this poem by Lisa and just had to put it next to the above snap I took just off Old Street in London last year by the talented duo street artists “Best Ever” 

You can find much more arty enjoyment from  Lisa  on her blog http://lkthayer.wordpress.com/

Enjoy……. Mitch  


3 Responses to “What We Leave Behind”

  1. Thank you Mitch, I don’t even remember writing that one!
    Strange how that happens isn’t it?
    My best to you always….LadyHawk

  2. I know how easy it is to forget… I write stuff and never even keep a copy and it’s good to find the odd gem posted out of the blue.. I wanted to use your poem ” My poem walked thru the door”.. Not even sure if that was the title. It was a very moving poem you wrote about giving some poor pregnant lady some money from the till!! Trawling thru the Juice Bar I found this instead among all your wonderful poems.. I must feature some more

  3. Thank you darling XXX

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