Soup of the day








I’m walking down Clerkenwell Road.

What is the soup of the day?

Maybe lots of clerks eat here? Eerrr well..

Flaming hell secret hand shakes and spying going on!

Do you think he is Tony?… I see he like to write on things.

There must be endless famous people around here. 

Soup of the day in a room of hungry looks.

I bet David Robilliard never ate here.

If you want to try soup of the day….

Keep tomorrow free!

Poem and snaps by Mitch Hicks

If you want to see an exhibition of paintings by David Robilliard then pop along to the ICA Gallery to see his ” The Yes No Quality of Dreams” showing on the upper gallery untill 15 June 20014.






4 Responses to “Soup of the day”

  1. Yes! I vote for everyday being Free! XXX

  2. I want to be a fly in your soup! ~x~

  3. alexisrhonefancher Says:

    Great shots, Mitch!

    • The strange thing is that it’s not till I get around to going thru my snaps of a day out, sometimes days later that I pick a few out to write about that link together! It’s a bit like throwing lots of stuff in the pot and making soup! Thanks for your comments Alexis.

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