Quite a day!


German street artist Kef with his first exhibition “Embraced” showing in England at the Genesis Cinema, Mile End Road, Stepney Green. The 205 bus stops outside this venue. For more info on Kef please read this http://inspiringcity.com/2014/05/08/kef-embraced/


 I spotted 7 of Ben Wilson’s chewing gum artwork on my way to Trinity Bouy Wharf!


Just had to snoop around this dissused building along Orchard Place.


Lots of graff inside!!!!!


A very scary door…


This one made me smile!



As recommended by Stuart I went into the Driftwood Cafe in Trinity Bouy Wharf. Very delightful and friendly cafe by the river and makes my top ten. Yummmy food indeed!


Next call was Woolwich just to ride the free ferry across the Thames!


 Such a charming walk from Pontoon Dock to the Thames Barrier Park overlooking the Thames Barrier from the northside. I must come back to the inviting cafe when I have more time.


Just had to nip over to the Stolen Space Gallery to see for the last time ~ “Gorditas de Chicharron 5”  ~ Painted by Miss Van. Someone paid £14,000 (plus vat)  for the pleasure of hanging this! Hmmmm I guess I’m happy with my free snaps!


A quick walk up and around Brick Lane where I have seen lots of stuff by Savant over the last couple of weeks. Yes he’s been hitting the walls. I came home with one his hardboard artworks! 


Yes this is what I acquired to take home from Savant! 


As the day drew to an end I spotted a great Otto Schade.


There are many more snaps of arty stuff in the can I could have shown from my day out, but just  had to include the last snap of the day as I love the artwork of Cept.  (Mike Ballard is one of the TRP crew, The Rolling People.  http://blog.vandalog.com/tag/cept/

Snaps and comments by Mitch Hicks







5 Responses to “Quite a day!”

  1. alexisrhonefancher Says:

    Great snaps!

  2. Thanks Alexis….. Hope all is well in sunny LA

  3. Wow! What a whirlwind snappy day my darling! Enchanting snaps and artwork!! XXX

  4. Great shots, the pic you got of the Kef art is amazing, also glad you got to the Driftwood Cafe 😀

  5. Thanks Folks for the kind comments… Sorry in my late reply as i am in Slovenia at the mommmmment…

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