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East End Snaps

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Snaps by Mitch Hicks


Not quite Banksy on a rainy day!

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The above snap was taken on 13th  August 2015,  from the artwork of James Oliver I saw on display outside the closed Rise Gallery on a rainy day in Croydon. I was so gutted not to see the Banksy exhibition that was showing in the Rise Gallery that should have been open! Not sure why it was closed on the day of my visit…… But on a plus side I did get to see the funny surreal art of James Oliver screwed onto the outside wall of the gallery. Just what would Claude Monet make of this???? For more info on the art of James Oliver and the Rise Gallery click:

Snaps and comment by Mitch Hicks


Stik……. The big book!

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This must be the street art book of the year………  Stik is maybe the best known street artist alongside  Banksy in England. Now you can have the chance to meet this iconic street artist during his first book signing at Foyles bookshop on Thursday 13th August, from 6.30pm @ 107 Charing Cross Road, London. Over ten years of painting in his unique style. Now read the stories behind the artwork from those undercover days of dodging the law! Enjoy the large glossy photos of this intriguing book. The first edition I’m sure will sell out very quickly and become very collectable indeed…                                                                                                   

You will love it…Mitch  (. .)