Stik……. The big book!


This must be the street art book of the year………  Stik is maybe the best known street artist alongside  Banksy in England. Now you can have the chance to meet this iconic street artist during his first book signing at Foyles bookshop on Thursday 13th August, from 6.30pm @ 107 Charing Cross Road, London. Over ten years of painting in his unique style. Now read the stories behind the artwork from those undercover days of dodging the law! Enjoy the large glossy photos of this intriguing book. The first edition I’m sure will sell out very quickly and become very collectable indeed…                                                                                                   

You will love it…Mitch  (. .)


3 Responses to “Stik……. The big book!”

  1. I love Stik and tweeted the Guardian piece about this book yesterday. Thanks for the heads up on book signing. I may well pop along.

  2. I booked my place a couple of days ago.. Just checked the Foyles web link and looks like the signing is now fully booked.. But I think still worth going to and buying the book. You might see him later and he will surely sign your copy. He really is one of the worlds Mr Nice Guys. Thanks for your comment Tanya..

  3. That’ll teach me not to read the links. Most other book launches, you just turn up. But I’m in town that night anway, seeing another exhibition. So may take your advice and see if I can gate crash later on. Thanks for pointing this out.

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