~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Rising Tide~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



The Rising Tide” sculptures were made by Jason deCaires Taylor and can be seen from the River Thames foreshore adjacent to Camelford House, 87-90 Albert Embankment. Just a short walk from Vauxhall station. Originally just a temporary installation commissioned as part of last months Totally Thames Festival… The public love them and for now they remain for at least a few more days! Do make a visit if you can but plan ahead as on high tide they are completely covered by the river.  Maybe the best time to visit is around 3.30pm as the tide begins to lap and tumbles over the hooves of these magical horses!

Snaps taken by Mitch Hicks ~ 3rd October 2015 ~





2 Responses to “~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Rising Tide~~~~~~~~~~~~~~”

  1. Great pics Mitch. I particularly love the red one.

    btw folks. Tide times vary each day. And the tide tables online are only a guide and you need to see the live tide times. So it might low tide in the middle of the day on one day. But the next day the same time will be high tide.

    And Mitch – have computer probs so can’t blog at the mo. All my pics are trapped on it and back up. Hope to be back there soon.

  2. Goof point about the tides Tanya.. Sorry to hear you are having computer trouble.. I hope you are up and runnnning very soon. Thanks for inspiring me to see the Horses from your blog.. Many thanks again for sailing by to comment!!

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