Joshua Compston floating the boat!


There can be very many reasons for just picking up a book and thinking hmmmm I wonder what this is all about? Let me take you back to how I came to read “Factual Nonsense” by Darren Coffield. The book was first published in 2013. In truth I’m not a big reader of cover to cover books. But I made an exception with this one and read it cover to cover over a week! I must admit I struggled with the first couple of pages (quite few pages in fact). But then I grew into the book in way that has been many years since gripping me to carry on reading a book. So you must be thinking just how did I find this book?

Well my interest in street art took me to a one-off weekend pop up gallery in London Fields held at a soon to be demolished warehouse. The exhibition was over the 6th & 7th June 2015, and was the idea of offbeat artist / curator Sean Worral. I first came across the artwork of Sean a week before in Camden when I found one of his give away art pieces hanging on Camden bridge. Sean has this on going project of giving away 365 artworks over the course of the year. #365ArtDrops is the name of his project.  By taking home the found artwork you are cultivating its growth and adding new life to the artwork. On the back of each piece there is a unique number for that artwork and an invitation to send Sean info about its new home! I’m getting slowly to the point of how I found the book, but do keep up with my ramble; nearly there! After my find in Camden, I looked up Sean Worrall ( )  on google and saw that he was putting on an exhibition with a few more fellow contemporary artists that sounded quite quirky and I like quirky!! The exhibition was called “Play” … To cut an even longer story short one of the artist there Darren Coffield had a display about Joshua Compston. I noticed that written on one cardboard box was a request to take a free copy of the book “Factual Nonsense” by  Darren Coffield. So that is what I did…

Once I had read the book… I just knew I wanted to find the last resting place of Joshua Compston a young man who died alone at the tender age of just 25 on 5th March 1996. I’m posting this as thank you to Tanya Nash who tracked down the resting place of Joshua Compston in order to guide me to his monument gravestone carved by the hand of his close friend Zebedee Helm, a work of fine sculptured art indeed. I will leave the reader to trace the story of why Joshua Compston should be remembered for themselves. For a brief insight click here

Snaps & comment Mitch Hicks


2 Responses to “Joshua Compston floating the boat!”

  1. Thanks for the the thanks Mitch. I really appreciate it. And also really interested to discover how you came across Joshua Compston in the first place. Good story that. Like the pics too. I think the grave stone looks particularly good in b/w.

  2. Thanks Tanya for a lovely comment. My trips to London always unearth the unexpected and the camera plays a big part in adding another eye!!

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